Dancing Children

A party at Future Stars to open new premises

On 20th March, I celebrated the opening of new premises with the children of Future Stars. I bought soda for everyone and then we danced late into the night.

Construction and Expansion at Future Stars

Back in January, we lost 50 children from Future Stars due to ‘overcrowding’. Now we have new rooms. There are plenty of plans for future expansion that I hope will be reality very soon.

Donated Goods

Donations: altruism that gives back

I arrived in Kenya with more items from Chaffinch supporters. Donating to the vulnerable children may be altruistic but that doesn’t mean it’s only one-way. I always find this bit intensely emotional!

Stories of Emotion and Inspiration

Time to tell some of the individual stories from the children of Future Stars. All of the children have amazing tales to tell. Whilst often tragic, there is also so much hope and so much faith. It is the stories of the children that have the power to make me cry and I refuse to be ashamed of that. Here are the stories of Mourine, Judis, and Khamis Abdi. Every child has a story to tell – why not become part of the next chapter?

Party Time at Future Stars

The last night of my trip was fantastic – a party with the children of Future Stars. There were loom band lessons, donations of clothing from Chaffinch supporters, a farewell meal, and plenty of dancing. Come and join the celebrations!

Future Stars and around Kibera

Time to get back to Future Stars, to see the children, to distribute Chaffinch donations, and to find out what has been happening since my last visit. Oh, and an introduction to Kiberan medical care courtesy of a rusty nail. Also, what happens when a government inspector tells children that they can’t come to school any more?

Return to Ayany

I’m back in Nairobi.  Back in Kibera.  I’m not going to say too much about the past couple of days…

Another day, another village

How do I begin without sounding like I’m repeating myself?  But there’s really no other way to say “today was…