Hostel Horrors - Does cheap have a price?

Hostel Horrors – Does cheap have a price?

When travelling on a budget, a hostel can be a great option for saving a bit of cash. They’re incredibly popular all over the world and definitely have an atmosphere unlike that of any hotel. But is there a price to pay for this cost-effective accommodation? Well, there are certainly plenty of travellers with a story or two to tell. Still, don’t get discouraged by these tales of woe. If you want to travel without having to sell a kidney, you won’t go far wrong with a decent hostel.

Global Citizens – from the sofa to the planet

You ARE a global citizen. Whether you travel the world on a regular basis or spend more time than you care to admit sitting on the sofa, you can’t escape your identity. Whilst divided by oceans and mountains, by political borders and ideologies, by spirituality and religion, by language and skin colour, and by every little detail that makes us individuals, there is so much that we share. Regardless of the differences, we are 7.4 billion residents of one little planet hurtling around an incomprehensible massive universe.

North York Moors – Hiking and Wild Camping Solo

On May 25th 2016, I decided to take a break from ‘the world’ and take a solo trip to the wide open spaces of the North York Moors. It would be my first multi-day hike and my first experience of wild camping. After 4 days and 3 nights hiking part of the Cleveland Way National Trail, I had huge blisters, painful shoulders, a great sense of achievement, a fresh awareness of self, and some brilliant memories.

Injured in Nairobi – Mended in the UK

Picking myself up off the ground, brushing off as much of the dust as I could, my initial thoughts were those of embarrassment. Getting injured abroad is a worry, but this time I discovered my ability to carry on regardless, as well as the amazing services of the NHS back in the UK.

10 Songs That Inspire My Travels

Some songs just inspire me – whether that be to head out for distant horizons or just to continue trying to do something good in this world. Here are ten of my favourites (plus a couple that I just couldn’t leave out).

Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Istanbul to York: by plane, train and airport lounge

My journey from Istanbul to York, enjoying an airport lounge (or two) and some great assistance service from the rail company. Terrorism is obviously on everyone’s mind. Is it possible to find the joy of travelling through exhaustion, changed flights, and screaming babies?

Goodbyes are always sad...but this time not forever

Time to leave, but it’s never ‘goodbye’

Many tears were shed on departing Kenya once again. But I’m only leaving one home for another, and it’s not really ‘goodbye’. It’s ‘mpaka baadaye Kenya’.

A peaceful stroll through the Karura Forest, minutes from the centre of Nairobi.

Karura Forest and a Break from the Brown

Weary of the dust and polluted air of Kibera, I was thankful to find an oasis of tranquillity just minutes from the centre of Nairobi – Karura Forest. With no wifi and no distractions, I explored the tracks and glades and submerged myself in a peaceful, natural world with just the wildlife and the distant sound of the waterfall for company.

Kenyan Doctor

Kibera Medical Care – Desperate and Dangerous?

The Kibera slum of Nairobi should be ridiculously healthy, judging by the abundance of ‘medical care’. But how safe is it really? What is the care?