Soysambu Conservancy Field Trip

Soysambu Conservancy – a great place for a field trip for the children of Future Stars Development and Rescue Centre in Kibera. From 100 toasted sandwiches to a smoking bus, a sheep that’s mistaken for an elephant, and a lot of exhausted children, it was a day to remember.

Future Stars and around Kibera

Time to get back to Future Stars, to see the children, to distribute Chaffinch donations, and to find out what has been happening since my last visit. Oh, and an introduction to Kiberan medical care courtesy of a rusty nail. Also, what happens when a government inspector tells children that they can’t come to school any more?

Return to Ayany

I’m back in Nairobi.  Back in Kibera.  I’m not going to say too much about the past couple of days…

Another day, another village

How do I begin without sounding like I’m repeating myself?  But there’s really no other way to say “today was…

Inspired by both people and places

Today has, once again, been inspirational. We set out early this morning, driving quad bikes into the rural areas inland…

Back to Kenya January 2016

It’s that time again – I’m heading back out to see the children of Future Stars. There are now 85…

My Kenyan Family

Returning home: a trip cut short

Unfortunately, due to ill health, I have been forced to curtail my trip and return home. Sometimes you have to realise when you can’t be effective. I’m sad to leave but I know that home is the place to be right now and I will return when I am stronger.

Back in the slum

Thankfully not too much rain overnight. I headed out this morning for Future Stars. I was back deep in the…