Elephant Babies at the David Sheldrick Trust

A line of the cutest baby elephants elephants comes running towards me from out of the brush. With huge ears flapping, they race down the slope like a bunch of toddlers excited to see what Santa has brought. At the Nairobi nursery of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, you can enjoy getting up close to some adorable babies.

Giraffe at the Wildlife Centre in Nairobi

Up close and personal with giraffes in Nairobi

I’m instantly greeted by a beautiful giraffe. Her head brushes against my shoulder and her long blue tongue flicks out to explore for treats. I grab a handful and hold the pellets out one by one, rewarded each time by its gentle removal from my fingers. I’m at The African Fund For Endangered Wildlife, more commonly known as the Giraffe Centre.

‘How to handle a snake bite’ and more

Need to know how to remove a snake from your home? Or handle a bite? Just two of the things I learned at the Nairobi Snake Park (which actually houses more than just snakes!)

A peaceful stroll through the Karura Forest, minutes from the centre of Nairobi.

Karura Forest and a Break from the Brown

Weary of the dust and polluted air of Kibera, I was thankful to find an oasis of tranquillity just minutes from the centre of Nairobi – Karura Forest. With no wifi and no distractions, I explored the tracks and glades and submerged myself in a peaceful, natural world with just the wildlife and the distant sound of the waterfall for company.

Soysambu Conservancy Field Trip

Soysambu Conservancy – a great place for a field trip for the children of Future Stars Development and Rescue Centre in Kibera. From 100 toasted sandwiches to a smoking bus, a sheep that’s mistaken for an elephant, and a lot of exhausted children, it was a day to remember.