A party at Future Stars to open new premises

On 20th March, I joined with the residential children of Future Stars Development and Rescue Centre to celebrate the opening of their new rooms. I provided bottles of soda for everyone – a real treat. After a meal together, the music was turned up and the dancing began. It was wonderful to see these children, who have all started life in difficult circumstances, letting their hair down and having some fun.

Street Cred is important of course:

The boys in particular enjoyed their sodas, although they desperately wanted to look cool and dispassionate for this photo. I guess they need their street cred!

Boys enjoying soda

A good time was had by all:

Once the music began, the inhibitions and the front slipped away and it was apparent that everyone was having a good time.

Samuel Dancing Melvin Dancing Samuel and Christopher Children celebrating

We partied until almost midnight losing only Isiah and little Tashley to bed.

So what next?

You can read a little more about the new premises here. The owner has kindly allowed Future Stars to take occupation of the rooms prior to any rent being paid. The reason? We don’t actually have the money for the rent at the moment. However, we have faith in the wonderful supporters of Chaffinch, and hope that we will soon be able to pay the first instalment of the rent. If you are interested in helping us (and every penny/cent/shilling helps), please click here for donation options.

The new rooms will allow us to bring back some of the 50 children who were forced to leave school when the government inspectors visited back in January. Being able to provide free school places for children who would otherwise be unable to access a basic education is a major part of the work at Future Stars.

So, the night finally drew to a close with everyone in good spirits. It was a great celebration and, for me, quite emotional as I saw how little it takes to make these children smile.

The children are celebrating their new rooms, supported by Chaffinch.

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