Time to leave, but it’s never ‘goodbye’

Goodbyes are always sad...but this time not forever
Many tears were shed

Sob, sob. I have once again departed Kenya to return ‘home’ to England. My Kenyan ‘family’ took me out for a meal, ostensibly to say farewell. However, they then admitted it was also a birthday celebration for both myself and Aggy and proceeded to give me some beautiful gifts. I was so touched. I cried, and that was only the beginning.On return to the house, we opened a couple of bottles of wine and we talked about our time together. Lots of hugs and tears. Finally, at 1am, I departed for the airport, accompanied by everyone who didn’t need to be up early.

Most members of my Kenyan family
Chris, Mercy, Mama Aggy, Fadhili, Aggy, Enid and friend.

The airport was easy despite an unannounced gate change. My first flight, Nairobi to Istanbul, was practically empty so I was able to curl up on a few seats and get some sleep – a rare luxury.

Finally achieving the impossible - sleeping on an aeroplane.
The luxury of curling up to sleep

Leaving Kenya has been hard, as always. I’m going to miss my family who have looked after me so well. And I’ll miss the wonderful children of Future Stars. I’ll miss the gritty reality of the slum and the awesome community that thrives there. Oh, and I’ll miss the sun!
However, I’m looking forward to a luxurious shower and to seeing my biological family, my friends, and my cat. As my country has also gone crazy politically whilst I’ve been away, I’m also anxious to ‘get in the picture’.
Of course, leaving Kenya was always going to be sad. But it’s never really goodbye. It’s just mpaka baadaye. I’ll be back. For the shape of Africa is imprinted on my heart and that means I will never really leave.

Flying into Turkey en route between Nairobi and Istanbul
Passing into Turkey

Due to electricity and wifi difficulties, there’s still a lot to upload about the things I’ve done over the past couple of weeks. I’ll be publishing over the coming days/weeks so please bear with me. And, of course, it all still goes on. It’s back to my studies and back to the Chaffinch fundraising. Need to find some more 10K runners… 

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