Humanity shines at the Car Wash

The grateful smiles, the offers of eternal friendship, and those overwhelming emotions are things that every volunteer comes to know. But, this time, I was blessed merely be being the courier of someone else’s goodwill, at the Tujiinue Youth Group car wash.

Dancing Children

A party at Future Stars to open new premises

On 20th March, I celebrated the opening of new premises with the children of Future Stars. I bought soda for everyone and then we danced late into the night.

Construction and Expansion at Future Stars

Back in January, we lost 50 children from Future Stars due to ‘overcrowding’. Now we have new rooms. There are plenty of plans for future expansion that I hope will be reality very soon.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Istanbul to York: by plane, train and airport lounge

My journey from Istanbul to York, enjoying an airport lounge (or two) and some great assistance service from the rail company. Terrorism is obviously on everyone’s mind. Is it possible to find the joy of travelling through exhaustion, changed flights, and screaming babies?

Giraffe at the Wildlife Centre in Nairobi

Up close and personal with giraffes in Nairobi

I’m instantly greeted by a beautiful giraffe. Her head brushes against my shoulder and her long blue tongue flicks out to explore for treats. I grab a handful and hold the pellets out one by one, rewarded each time by its gentle removal from my fingers. I’m at The African Fund For Endangered Wildlife, more commonly known as the Giraffe Centre.

Goodbyes are always sad...but this time not forever

Time to leave, but it’s never ‘goodbye’

Many tears were shed on departing Kenya once again. But I’m only leaving one home for another, and it’s not really ‘goodbye’. It’s ‘mpaka baadaye Kenya’.

Teaching ‘Creative Arts’ at Future Stars

The opportunity to spend time with some of the children of Future Stars whilst also teaching them a few simple crafts has been so much fun. My first ‘creative arts’ session involved the school children from class 1 to class 5. The second was for all the children who live at the centre.

‘How to handle a snake bite’ and more

Need to know how to remove a snake from your home? Or handle a bite? Just two of the things I learned at the Nairobi Snake Park (which actually houses more than just snakes!)

A lot of history at Nairobi National Museum

My trip to the Nairobi National Museum was a real treat. From zoology to evolution and from art to military history, there’s something for everyone here.