A peaceful stroll through the Karura Forest, minutes from the centre of Nairobi.

Karura Forest and a Break from the Brown

Weary of the dust and polluted air of Kibera, I was thankful to find an oasis of tranquillity just minutes from the centre of Nairobi – Karura Forest. With no wifi and no distractions, I explored the tracks and glades and submerged myself in a peaceful, natural world with just the wildlife and the distant sound of the waterfall for company.

Donated Goods

Donations: altruism that gives back

I arrived in Kenya with more items from Chaffinch supporters. Donating to the vulnerable children may be altruistic but that doesn’t mean it’s only one-way. I always find this bit intensely emotional!

Kenyan Doctor

Kibera Medical Care – Desperate and Dangerous?

The Kibera slum of Nairobi should be ridiculously healthy, judging by the abundance of ‘medical care’. But how safe is it really? What is the care?

Kenya Rocks for Christ – Comparing Christianity

My experiences of Christianity in Kenya may or may not be representative. What I have experienced are some big differences between worship in Kenya in worship back home in the UK. So here’s my summary.

Volunteer Teaching – When Kenya does not need Voluntourism

You wouldn’t perform surgery in Kenya without medical training, so why treat teaching any differently? I found myself reflecting on the issues that arise when untrained volunteers choose to teach. I have made the mistakes in my enthusiasm. Did I do more harm than good?

Somali War

From Horror to Hopelessness – The Somali Story

The war rages on in Somalia. Refugees flee through the forest and across the border into Kenya, where they are confined to camps. Do they still have hope? Is life what they imagined when they made the decision to leave? I met with a Somali refugee and heard his story. This is a place of paradise beaches and luxury hotels, but something darker lurks beneath the surface.

White Elephant – A Hotel for the Uber-Rich

I’ve been staying at the White Elephant Resort in Malindi. It’s a far cry from Kibera and very surreal. I’m surrounded by landscaped grounds and life size animal sculptures. Then there’s the pool with it’s beach access and views over a turquoise Indian Ocean. Certainly a very different world to anywhere I’ve experienced before.

The Joys of Travelling

A few days ago I wrote a post about enjoying the journey. Well, I’m now in Kenya after over 24 hours of travelling and I thought I’d share some of the observations I made and the thoughts I had along the way.