Return to Ayany

I’m back in Nairobi.  Back in Kibera. 

I’m not going to say too much about the past couple of days because I don’t think this blog is the place to reveal my plans. I at least need to speak to my family face to face and not have them reading things they will likely stress about until I return to England. What I will say is that my life is changing and it’s happening so quickly that I’m reeling a little. I opened a Kenyan bank account this morning.

Anyway, I’m back in Nairobi having only just made the flight. I had to sprint from check in to the gate and then across the tarmac to the plane. It was very hot for running!  The flight only took 40 minutes instead of the 1 hour scheduled. I guess the weather must have been on our side. 

I was driven back to Mama Aggy’s home through the main streets of Kibera. I love it. I love the chaos.  The buses and matatus and motorbikes weaving wildly around so many pedestrians. On either side of the road are the dukani selling anything you could ever want. Even the smells, which some may find unpleasant,must serve to remind me of where I am. It’s such an…authentic place. 

After greeting my wonderful African family, I organised the donations to take to Future Stars tomorrow. Thanks to the damage caused to my suitcase by the airline, I had to use a razor blade to slit the side in order to open it. Two of the older boys from Future Stars are coming to meet me in the morning to help me carry the bags to the centre. I hope to get some nice photographs to show to those who donated. 

I have been shown some rooms that have potential as a Chaffinch office. Inner and outer rooms plus a washroom and a small room with a sink and running water. I don’t think anything will happen in a hurry though. There’s a lot to think about. 

Just before it got dark, I went for a walk in Kibera. I just wanted to FEEL the place again. I walked a fair distance just soaking up the atmosphere. Purchased some exercise books to take to Future Stars tomorrow. Also picked up a small bottle of soda simply as an excuse to strike up a conversation. I need to keep practising my Swahili. 

This evening, Mr Ouma has given me a very useful Swahili lesson. I’m trying to get the hang of the grammar rules. It’s all very well knowing vocabulary but it’s not a lot of use if you can’t use it to string a sentence together properly. I need to study harder.  I am nowhere near good enough at the language. 

So not a great deal to report today. I think tomorrow will be exciting. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the children again. I will also be taking some more profile photos for the child sponsorship programme. I’m sorry this is not a particularly inspiring entry. Please do come back tomorrow!

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