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Sarah Mitchell, blogger and Chaffinch founderI’m Sarah, 32-years-old, and a free spirit.  My life has been a bigger journey than any that I’ve made across the globe.  I’ve gone from homeless, through fighting for my life (and nearly losing), to the wonderful place where I am today.
Just three years ago I was taking hospital photos.  Now the pictures are of far off lands, white sand beaches, and fantastic new friends.  And it’s all because, one day, I decided to jump on a plane.

Regarding what I do now…well, I’m so busy I never seem to sleep!  I’m studying for a psychology degree; I’ve just completed an extension to a TEFL qualification; I’m blogging; I run Chaffinch.  Oh, and I’m a cat sitter.

Chaffinch works with a children’s development and rescue centre in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya.  We aim to run a free primary school for children who would otherwise be unable to access an education, as well as a feeding programme, and a home for orphans and ex street children.  In Kenya, I teach English and Creative Arts at the school and get involved in all the day-to-day activities of the centre.  Back in England it’s all about fundraising, lessons and fun days for schoolchildren, maintaining the website and the Facebook page and the Etsy shop, keeping child sponsors up to date, attending board meetings, and doing all the little things that crop up from day to day.

In the few moments of free time I can find, I enjoy craft activities, reading, creative writing, and just getting out and about wherever I can.

After a difficult start, I’ve finally realised that you have to live every single minute that’s given to you.  So that’s what I’m trying to do!

The doctors said it was a bad idea.
The social workers said it wouldn’t work.
The nurses told me I wasn’t ready.

Since stepping on that plane, my life has become so different that it’s difficult to believe I’m the same person.

Almost everyone had given up on me but i showed them that:
Anyone can fly if you let them use their wings

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I’ve answered a few questions that might give you another insight into who I am, thanks to a Liebster Award nomination from Katie Francis.

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