People at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia just before dusk ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)

Zadar Sea Organ – Where life happens and the sea sings

Do you like to meditate to the sounds of the ocean? Or relax to a piece of music? Well, why not do both? The Sea Organ at Zadar is the only place in the world where the sea plays music. Come along, take a seat, and spend some time watching the world. In four hours relaxing at The Sea Organ, I had the opportunity to slow down and just notice life happening around me.

Liebster Award for

A Liebster Award for Gutter to Globe

It’s Award Time! I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award. Here I answer some questions about myself and select some great blogs for Liebster nomination. Don’t miss my (possibly surprising) little ‘fun fact’ secret, and my possibly ‘rather too complex for the question’ analysis of Harry Potter!

10 Songs That Inspire My Travels

Some songs just inspire me – whether that be to head out for distant horizons or just to continue trying to do something good in this world. Here are ten of my favourites (plus a couple that I just couldn’t leave out).

Life is a Journey – Follow your Heart

“The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t ever give up on the chance of seeing them.” It’s time to head back to Kenya and my heart is singing. I’m committed to making the most of the wonderful opportunities that I have.

Stories of Emotion and Inspiration

Time to tell some of the individual stories from the children of Future Stars. All of the children have amazing tales to tell. Whilst often tragic, there is also so much hope and so much faith. It is the stories of the children that have the power to make me cry and I refuse to be ashamed of that. Here are the stories of Mourine, Judis, and Khamis Abdi. Every child has a story to tell – why not become part of the next chapter?