People at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia just before dusk ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)

Zadar Sea Organ – Where life happens and the sea sings

Do you like to meditate to the sounds of the ocean? Or relax to a piece of music? Well, why not do both? The Sea Organ at Zadar is the only place in the world where the sea plays music. Come along, take a seat, and spend some time watching the world. In four hours relaxing at The Sea Organ, I had the opportunity to slow down and just notice life happening around me.

10 Songs That Inspire My Travels

Some songs just inspire me – whether that be to head out for distant horizons or just to continue trying to do something good in this world. Here are ten of my favourites (plus a couple that I just couldn’t leave out).

Party Time at Future Stars

The last night of my trip was fantastic – a party with the children of Future Stars. There were loom band lessons, donations of clothing from Chaffinch supporters, a farewell meal, and plenty of dancing. Come and join the celebrations!