Global Citizens – from the sofa to the planet

You ARE a global citizen. Whether you travel the world on a regular basis or spend more time than you care to admit sitting on the sofa, you can’t escape your identity. Whilst divided by oceans and mountains, by political borders and ideologies, by spirituality and religion, by language and skin colour, and by every little detail that makes us individuals, there is so much that we share. Regardless of the differences, we are 7.4 billion residents of one little planet hurtling around an incomprehensible massive universe.

Somali War

From Horror to Hopelessness – The Somali Story

The war rages on in Somalia. Refugees flee through the forest and across the border into Kenya, where they are confined to camps. Do they still have hope? Is life what they imagined when they made the decision to leave? I met with a Somali refugee and heard his story. This is a place of paradise beaches and luxury hotels, but something darker lurks beneath the surface.