Zadar Sea Organ – Where life happens and the sea sings

Do you like to meditate to the sounds of the ocean? Or relax to a piece of music? Well, why not do both? The Sea Organ at Zadar is the only place in the world where the sea plays music. If you play the audio file below, you can listen for yourself, although I assure you that the ‘live’ experience is a thousand times more amazing (just like a CD being no comparison to seeing your favourite band in concert).

The Sound of The Sea Organ:


Life Happens

On the steps of the Sea Organ, life happens. People arrive alone to sit and stare out to sea, to read a book, to meditate, to write. Or they come as a couple to relax in each others’ company and experience something unique. It’s a popular place for wedding photographs, but also for fishing, swimming, and playing. You’re just as likely to catch a new bride adjusting her veil as a few locals eating their lunchtime sandwiches.

One warm afternoon I spent four hours sitting ‘on’ the sea organ.  I initially felt a little guilty about ‘wasting time’ when there is so much to see in Zadar.  However, I soon found an appreciation for the mindful relaxation and the chance to observe.  People came, people went.  The sun moved lower and lower in the sky.  The activity of the day (tour groups, water lovers, scheduled photo shoots) slowly gave way to quieter moments towards dusk.

Here’s to stopping…and looking…and, more importantly, to seeing.

The People of The Sea Organ:

Jumping into the Adriatic at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
Jump right in – the water is beautiful
Children walking across the pipe openings of the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
The music plays and so do the children
Couple relaxing at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
Relax with your special someone
Thought and Meditation at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
A perfect place to sit and think
Hand washing at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
Just eaten? Hand-washing facilities here!
Friends relaxing at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
A place for friends
Sketching at The Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
Let the Sea Organ inspire your creativity
Eating pizza at dusk at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
The perfect spot for pizza at dusk
Yacht at the Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia ©SarahMitchell (GuttertoGlobe)
As the sun begins to set it can get wonderfully atmospheric

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  1. I spent some time in Croatia several years ago but didn’t have a chance to enjoy this! I see vids and pictures of it quite often and it’s definitely on my list! Thanks for sharing this.

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